Deaths in residential treatment

Can they be avoided?

I had the oppotunity to research some of the deaths listed on Fornits list over children who have died in residential care.


What are they dying from?


Lets look at the 2009 records:

Name Age and gender Cause of death
James Richard Shirey 14, Male Illness
(Unnamed girl) Not listed, female suicide
Sergey Blashchishen 16, male Under investigation


The major killer before year 2009 was the use of restraints. Every single situation where an adult trys to restrain a minor include the risk of injuring or killing the minor.


The classic situation is the death of Cedric Napoleon. The 230 pound staff member sat on the top of the boy according to instructions. It was done professional according to the few regulations in the area, but the 43 pound 14 year old boy died.


Among the deaths recorded so far in 2009, you don't find any deaths caused by restraints.


The last know death was the case of 17 year old Faith Finley in 2008. Some staffmembers are charged and it seems that they have been sacrificed by their employer, who in an attemp to deny a wrong policy allowing restraints have fired the staffmembers for not following instructions.


But regardless of the outcome of the present trial which not seek justice as the persons responsible for allowing the most dangerous form of restaint - prone restraint - the general impression is that the use of restraints in residential care has lowered. As result the number of deaths resulting from restraints have decreased.


A problem with some residential programs are that they are located far from larger cities where the hospitals normal are placed.


Any untreated infection can cause death if left untreated. A resent case involving a certain Caleb Jensen shows that it possible to walk on a foot rotten half away when the staff members force the child enough.


The problem dealing with injuries is that a few teenagers are manipulating. In most programs injuries left untreated because the staff-member believe that the pain shown by the teenager is in fact manipulation.


Second programs often have their own medical staff. These poor employees face the dilemma to choose between lowering the profit of the program by refering the child to the hospital or writing the complaints of as manipulation. Sometime the pressure from the management led to the wrong choice and then the consequence can be deadly.


Two deaths in 2009 is properly related to illnesses, however the police raided the office of Sagewalk and the past shows that at least two autopsy's are required to learn what really happened.