What kind of parent would do this to a child?

There is a lot of info going on the Internet about a boarding school named "Wings of Faith Academy". It is a girl-only boarding school which previous was run under the name "Refruge of Grace Academy".


There is a petition going on against them and there are some of the comments. I am shocked:


Thoroughly investigate previous & current conditions & allegations of physical, emotional, & psychological abuse occurring at both Wings of Faith Academy & Agape Boarding School in Stockton, MO.



I was a student at AGAPE about 4 months ago and it has affected tremendously in a negative way beyond words can explain.

Arsam Mofidi, San Diego, CA 3 years ago


This Place is extremely hateful twords LGBT. The amount of hate crimes against LGBT that go on here unbelievable! The staff are the biggest part of the problem. They preach hate services and what they do is wrong and should be stopped! I could understand if it was coming from the students but all the staff are strongly against that and there was no support! I know a lot of people don't care about LGBT as students but you shouldn't be forced to stay. Agape literally ruined my life. When I turned 18 I had no money, driver license, hair and self esteem.

Geneva, OH


I attended Refuge of Grace academy formerly known as wings of faith. I had a traumatic experience there as well and want to prevent other young girls from going there and being hurt.

Julia Kim, South Pasadena, CA 2 years ago


Because I attended the Refuge of Grace Academy when they were located in NC, MI and WV. They physically and mentally abused me during the 3 years I was there and they are continuing to do it to others today.

Deanna Livera, Bainbrigge, GA 2 years ago


To end the ongoing abuse that I endured for 22 months at this horrible so called school that haunts me everyday. I want to see that these schools that damage young girls are shut down for good and justice will be served.

traci heck, Yorktown, VA 2 years ago


Agape Boarding School perpetuates child maltreatment! The Missouri Department of Social Services, Children’s Division should investigate allegations of physical and emotional abuse perpetrated by the staff at Agape. This abuse, and the trauma associated with it, has had far-reaching negative impacts for the young men who endured this “school.” No more children should be subjected this abuse! Investigate Agape!

HJ Crume, n/a, CA 2years ago


I attended Agape and can confirm the needless abuse. I once saw a 6'5" former marine pick up a 12 year old, 120lb kid over his shoulder and slam him to the ground. I saw kids pushed down a flight of stairs. I saw someone who talked about running and as punishment was only allowed to wear underwear, a robe, and shoes with no shoe laces IN THE WINTER.

Joseph Barnett, Wichita, KS 2 years ago

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